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Dog Bites

Those of us who are dog owners love our pets. For many, dogs are a part of the family and their owners would never think that their dog would attack anyone. However, certain dogs can have dangerous propensities, erratic behaviors, can be overly protective, or can be trained improperly or not at all. Dogs are not the only animals that can attack and cause injury, but they are the most common type of animal related injury.

Dog bites can cause lacerations, contusions, broken bones, infections, scarring, and emotional distress sometimes resulting in PTSD. California has adopted strict liability for dog bites, and unlike other states, dogs in California do not get one “free” bite before the owners are liable. Owners are liable to anyone who is bitten by their dog on public property or anyone who was bitten while lawfully on private property, regardless of the dog’s history of viciousness or the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s viciousness. However, the dog’s history of biting (or lack of) as well as the owner’s knowledge of the dog’s viciousness (or lack of) can be important factors in a dog bite case.

Sometimes dogs don’t bite, but instead jump on a person or knock them over. If a large dog does this to a child or elderly person, the injuries can be severe. Owners can still be liable for their dog’s actions if they injure someone, even without biting.

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