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Boating Accidents

One of the great things about living in Northern California is our access to warm weather and along with the ocean and bay, a multitude of rivers and lakes to boat, jetski, and kayak on. However, every year people die or are seriously injured on our waterways. Operator error is a common cause of accidents on the water and can involve multiple watercraft, swimmers and kayakers getting struck, single boat accidents, or injuries involving propellers. People who operate motorized vehicles on the water should be adequately trained in their operation and refrain from drinking or taking drugs. This does not always happen, and it can lead to devastating results. Most people know that the operator of the vehicle/boat can be found liable for his/her actions in causing an injury, but the owner of the vehicle can also be found liable through what is known as vicarious liability.

Product defects can be a factor in a boating accident due to a defective design or defect in the manufacturing process. Failure to have proper instructions or warnings can also contribute to boating accidents.

Just like with motor vehicles, there are rules of the water that must be followed when operating a boat on california’s waterways. It is not simply a free for all on the water as some people think. It is important that your attorney is aware of these rules and statutes so he can properly represent you in your boating accident case. Mr. Call has spent hundreds of hours operating boats in Northern California, with much of this experience stemming from his time operating boats for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife throughout the central valley. He has taken boating safety classes and knows first-hand how dangerous it can be on the water due to inexperienced, reckless, and intoxicated drivers.

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