Taylor P. Call

Native to Lincoln, California, Taylor obtained his B.S. in Biology from Montana State University. After a career in fisheries biology, he decided to pursue his goal of becoming a lawyer. Taylor graduated near the top of his class at UC Davis School of Law. While attending law school, Taylor received Witkin Awards for Academic Excellence in Trust Drafting and Administration, Advanced Legal Research, and Pretrial Skills.

After law school, Taylor worked for an insurance defense firm where he represented insurance companies and their insureds in litigation. While working for that firm, Taylor learned the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate when negotiating settlements for property damage cases. Taylor worked on cases involving fires, and habitability issues that were valued from thousands to millions of dollars.

Even before Taylor began law school, he was drawn to the field of trusts and estates because of his personal experiences. An elderly member of Taylor’s family gave all of his belongings at his death to his caregivers, excluding his own children in his estate plan. This, of course, was highly suspect and litigation ensued. Taylor wanted to dedicate his work to helping avoid this sort of litigation through proper planning for elderly clients who may be susceptible to elder abuse and undue influence and to assist excluded family members in recovering what would otherwise be their inheritance.

Another member or Taylor’s family was involved in a terrible auto accident on I-80 when she was just a teenager. Through no fault of her own, she suffered some fairly serious injuries to her legs and body. The attorney that took her case was excellent and negotiated hard for her settlement. This allowed her to get proper treatment and compensated her for her pain and suffering. Taylor knew that he wanted to help others who were suffering from injuries to get the compensation they deserve.

Taylor then began working for a firm that specializes in estate planning, probate, trust administration, and trust and estate litigation. While working for this firm, Taylor was able to successfully assist clients in navigating the sometimes tricky and contentious areas of trust and probate litigation while also helping many of his clients with probates and trust administrations.

Mr. Call started the Law Offices of Taylor P. Call so he could dedicate himself to his clients and work with them one on one, assisting them through their own unique and complex issues.

Taylor’s main hobbies consist of pursuing outdoor activities. He is an avid fisherman, hiker, hunter, birdwatcher, and backpacker. He has travelled extensively throughout the western U.S. for recreation and for work when he used to collect stream, bird and fish data for private and governmental organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.